AnastasiaDate Review 2020: Meet Your Future Wife Here

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AnastasiaDate is a mail order brides websites that majorly focuses on bringing together men from the West and women from Slavic countries. This platform is well-known around the world, and all who have ever taken an interest in this sort of online dating are familiar with its name. But since it is impossible to know everything about each site, we have gathered the most valuable information about it to save you some time. Check out our detailed review to see if AnastasiaDate is right for you.

What’s The Deal With Mail Order Brides Websites?

The world is changing day after day. And it introduces more new values to society. Nowadays, a family may be a lot different from what previous generations could have imagined. Absorbing the positive changes, like equality and progressive methods of child-rearing, many men still choose a family based on traditional values.

That is why wives from Eastern European countries seem never to lose their popularity. They treat their husbands with love and respect they deserve, staying independent and well-rounded. They teach their children self-control without being too harsh on them. They can simultaneously be excellent home-makers and successful executives. A dream of an ideal wife is the reality for numerous men who have married Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarus women.


But where have those lucky people found their better half? We can’t speak for everyone, but most didn’t wander around these countries in search of a wife, as they knew about a much better place to find her — mail order bride websites. AnastasiaDate is one of the most popular picks in this niche of online dating. Below, we’ll reveal its advantages and disadvantages, and hopefully, you’ll get the idea of whether this site is for you.

What You Should Know about AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate has the reputation of the longest-standing Slavic mail order brides platform in the world, alongside several others. First introduced in the mid-1990s, it only gains more and more popularity. The service is very convenient. It offers solutions for every budget and continuously stays in touch to make sure all their clients are satisfied.

The site itself is regularly updated, so it looks fresh and has fewer bugs and glitches than other ‘old’ platforms. When one comes here, they have no problems with navigation. This is essential for AnastasiaDate team, because both men and women spend a great part of their day here, so they should be comfortable. Those who want quick access to all the site’s features on the go can use a convenient mobile app. It can only be downloaded from Google Play for now, so Apple users have to go with a mobile version of the site in their browser. We can’t say that they lose a lot, because this version is as agreeable as AnastasiaDate Android application.

There are tons of positive reviews and success stories online. Maybe, you have even heard some recommendations from the people you know in person. But you can also read a lot of negative feedback on AnastasiaDate. Mostly, people complain about fake profiles and prices. Should you believe it or not? Let’s find out.

How Does the Site Operate?

AnastasiaDate offers several ways of interaction that will suit different stages in relationships. But to proceed with those, you want to find ladies you like. Searching options are rather extensive.

The filters you have on AnastasiaDate allow you to choose multiple parameters and get the best match. Some members wish to try their luck in a particular country, so they can search by this criterion. For many, age is a big deal in search of a life partner. Some don’t want a significant age difference, while others, on the contrary, prefer not to date people from the same age group. Aside from these apparent features, you may pick your partner’s physical appearance, the level of education, job, English speaking skills, and much more.

But since your aim is to meet real people here, don’t expect them to 100% match the picture you have in your head. Some resemblance to the image you dream of and common interests will be enough for a start. And even if no one is found based on your filters (which is very unlikely), remember that happiness can be obtained with those you haven’t even thought of at first. So, don’t miss any chances, stay for a while, and chat with some beautiful strangers.

Unpaid Vs. Paid Features on AnastasiaDate

How Do Anastasia Users Pay For the Services?

How Do Anastasia Users Pay For the Services

When you see someone you like, it’s time to make contact. In fact, you’ll get messages once you get your profile registered. But to reply, you need an upgrade. There are no premium memberships of different levels on AnastasiaDate. But there are non-paying and paying users. It is effortless to switch from one group to another by simply purchasing credits.

A credit system evokes some difficulties in the beginning, especially if a person is not used to it. Here, users don’t get a duration period. They are not forced to use the services their membership offers. They can do nothing or everything. Anyway, they should monitor how many credits they have spent and how many of them are left. There are people who think it is too much responsibility for a site where one is supposed to have fun. So, they choose platforms offering Gold and Platinum memberships, ideally, with an auto-renewal feature not to forget to continue their subscription.

As opposed to that, AnastasiaDate proposes to choose the services you really want to pay for. After several tries, you will know exactly what is worth your money and what is not. The credit packages are rather expensive, but the price per-credit decreases when you buy more. The number of credits you purchase may be as small as 20. This package is perfect for those who want to try the service for the first time or are short of money this month. The maximum package is 5,000 credits. In this case, you’ll pay half a price for each credit. Yet, auto-renewal (or, in this case, auto-filling) feature is also available on AnastasiaDate. When your credits are spent, the system will automatically repeat the previous purchase. This is only convenient if you are totally satisfied with the package you bought last. But if you want fewer credits or cheaper ones, or don’t want any, for now, adjust your settings in the corresponding section. All payments can be made with PayPal or credit cards, which is quite safe and convenient.

What Does One Get For Free?

A free user doesn’t have much to do on AnastasiaDate, except for:

  • starting an account,
  • receiving mail,
  • viewing all photos,
  • sending virtual presents,
  • accessing full searching options of the site.

But this is quite enough to make up your mind before purchasing paid features.

What Can One Get for Credits?

Here are the features, a paying user has access to:

  • sending messages,
  • communicating in a live chat,
  • talking to others face-to-face with a CamShare feature,
  • instant online calls,
  • reserving phone calls with a Call Me option,
  • sending gifts and flowers to the lady one is interested in.

Creating A Profile on AnastasiaDate

Now, when you know how it works, you are ready to join millions of AnastasiaDate users and, eventually, become a happy husband of a gorgeous Slavic wife. Create a profile in several minutes by signing up with your email address or Google account. Don’t worry. Both options are safe because no other person will get access to your personal information.

We have spotted three positive details about AnastasiaDate registration process right away:

registering is absolutely free, which is the way it should be on all trustable platforms,

new users are not asked to provide any paying information before they purchase credits. A site that does otherwise raises a red flag. Remember that no credit card number is normally needed to start an account or verify it,

one can read the Terms and Condition BEFORE joining. Many users ignore this, thinking that if they are not going to pay for services, they don’t really need to know all the terms. This is utterly wrong because this section also contains info about your safety, privacy, and responsibility.

After signing up, you will receive an email verification link. This is a common precaution, so don’t forget to do it. Other users will see if your profile is confirmed or not. And they will more likely contact you if it is. By the way, this is how you should choose profiles to contact, too. Choose ‘Confirmed Profiles’ in your searching settings, and it will save you a world of trouble.

Now, you may start building your profile. A lot of information can be added to it, but many users leave it empty. We strongly advise you to fill out all the fields, as this will make you more visible for users who use searching filters. Besides, your prospective match will get more interested in you if you tell more about yourself. If you think that the less info you share, the more intriguing your profile looks, you could not be more wrong. It looks suspicious and untrustworthy. Meeting a complete stranger and getting to know him via online chatting doesn’t work on sites like AnastasiaDate. When there are as many options, one wants to know at least something about a person before they start chatting. Would you like to contact a girl without seeing her picture or knowing her age? Probably, not. Well, this is a two-way road.

How to Communicate Safely on AnastasiaDate

How to Communicate Safely on AnastasiaDate

Don’t panic if you have been contacted by someone whose profile is obviously fake. Don’t answer their messages and don’t send them money if they ask. Seriously, don’t send money to anybody. To do something nice, you can get a gift or a bouquet delivered, as discussed above. But if someone complains about financial difficulties and asks to help them out, they are scammers for sure. They must be banned, and they will be, as soon as you report them.

It may happen that you don’t see that this or that profile contains false information for a while. You exchange several messages before you understand that something is wrong. But when you do, you should connect with the Support Team immediately. All the credits you have spent communicating with a scammer will be refunded.

What AnastasiaDate Clients Say about the Site

This is a kind of success story. At least, I think I’m getting close to that. I have been on AnastasiaDate for almost a year now. I have seen different women here. There were really beautiful ladies seeking my attention. I’ve never been dishonest, and when I knew I would not be interested, I say that politely to a girl. Once, I met a girl who was dishonest with me. She asked for money and insisted that she needed my help desperately. Luckily, I heard about such schemes before. So, I contacted the managers, and they solved it for me. Several months ago, I met the woman I have been searching for all my life. We talk a lot on the phone and video and have started to build some plans for the future. I have never been happier! I recommend trying AnastasiaDate and having some patience. Love might keep you waiting for a while, but it will still show up.

Henry, 54.

Mail-order bride sites build a bridge between different countries and customs so that everyone in the world has an opportunity to be happy. Many men see their happiness in marriage with beauties from Eastern Europe, so they come to AnastasiaDate. This dating platform provides excellent services and finds matches for everyone. Its prices are not the cheapest ones, we must admit. Yet, the level of security and responsive team pay off for the expenses. Once you decide to try and date Slavic women, AnastasiaDate should be among your first choices of service providers. You will hardly be dissatisfied because this site becomes better for you each day.