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CatholicMatch Review 2023

CatholicMatch Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Beyond doubt, this is one of the best and most preferred catholic-only dating platforms
  • One of the best features of this catholic-only dating portal is, if you cannot find a partner in 6-months, the services are extended for another 6 months even for free subscribers
  • You can verify your account on Facebook
  • CatholicMatch dating has got a strong community of faith-based members (more than 2000 posts per day)
  • You can read the success stories of other members with photos and comments from genuine couples
  • The website interface at CatholicMatch is very well designed. It is stylish and modern, yet easy to use
  • The platform focuses on the Catholic faith
  • The paid membership service is pretty costly (especially the 3-month service)
  • You won’t be able to know the “last seen” of the members
  • The site doesn’t have a CatholicMatch mobile app
  • Only paid members can opt for the mail message feature

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About CatholicMatch

When it comes to choosing the best and most preferred dating sites for Catholics, this CatholicMatch review is going to help you make a decision for yourself. How is that? Before we answer that question, you need to know one thing. There might be a plethora of catholic dating sites available online, but finding the right online portal is tough if you are really looking for a committed relationship. That being said, this CatholicMatch review is an in-depth analysis of what exactly you are going to get from this online platform. If you are a dedicated catholic, then it is going to offer you the best opportunities to meet up with someone who truly cares about your feelings and has faith in your ideologies. A very important aspect of this website is that modern design architecture speaks volumes about love and care. It is easy to use, seamless user-interface makes it smooth even for a newbie user.

Critical analysis of CatholicMatch (the good and the bad)

No, CatholicMatch dating is not a scam; it is a legit online matchmaking and dating portal. Yes, it does come with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages for users, but it is far better than a plethora of online dating sites that totally scam. Being an online profile, it is safe because it has got a constant monitoring system. It scrutinizes the profiles of the existing members and also who is opening an account. In case of any suspicious activity or any fake profile, it is immediately reported. The fake profile is singled out and closed very soon. Thus, in this CatholicMatch review, it can be said that if you are planning to open an account, you can rest assured that your account will be safe.

Critical analysis of CatholicMatch

The individuals choosing CatholicMatch dating

Speaking of the members present, there are a total of 1,200,000 members from the USA. The site has more than 16,500 daily logins (which is pretty good for an online catholic-dating platform). The best part at CatholicMatch is it has got a uniform gender proportion which means, there are 50% men and 50% women. Such kind of balance is not really seen on a lot of online dating platforms, so this makes the site unique. Even though the online site encourages faith-based members, there are a few members as well, who don’t believe in the church’s teachings. Thus, in our CatholicMatch review, there needs to be a mention that this dating site is a pretty open-minded platform. The key feature of this site is, due to a wide range of members, there is a strong diversity in this platform. Thus, regardless of what your age, location or sexual orientation is, you will find the right one that matches your personality.

About sexual orientation of members

As it is already mentioned, due to a wide array of members across the globe, the sexual orientation is no bar. At CatholicMatch dating, you are going to find the partner of your preference irrespective of your sexual orientation. Apart from that, this website also offers numerous features like engagement-driven forums, discussion panels, and polls. You are going to feel a church-like atmosphere with a plethora of profiles along with their images and detailed information about them. Even if you don’t find your partner right away, rest assured that you will surely find one in a few days. Being a global platform, it has reached a lot of countries including Sweden, Ireland, Poland, and El Salvador and even Brazil.

Age Classification of this online dating platform

The age distribution of this catholic-only dating platform needs a special mention here. The majority of the members are from the age group of 55+ years and 25-34 years hold the second majority. The age of 35-44 years too has quite a lot of members. There are a lot of individuals between the age gaps of 45-54 years as well. Considering the age distribution, youngsters and teenagers are comparatively less on this website. In fact, individuals between the age group of 18-24 are the least number of people present here. As we have already mentioned that CatholicMatch dating comprises a balanced ratio of male and female members. A huge number of members are always online/active on the discussion panels, forums, and polls. So it is not likely that you will not find the right one of your preferred age.

The individuals choosing CatholicMatch dating

How to sign-up at this online platform

The sign-up process at CatholicMatch is pretty easy. All you need is a basic email id or you can also register through Facebook as well. Once you sign-up, it is imperative to customize your profile. There are certain criteria that you need to fulfill. You have to put up personal info of 150 characters minimum. You need to answer the questions present in the form while signing up. It is mandatory. There are quite a number of questions on your faiths and beliefs. You have to provide a photo as your profile picture. You can upload the photo from your computer or link the Facebook account for the profile picture. Unlike any other online dating platform, CatholicMatch dating offers the username for you. It will be your name and membership number. For instance, if you are John and you are the fifty-thousandth user, then the username is John-50000.

How to sign-up at this online platform

How to create a profile at this online website

Like it is said, creating a profile is not a difficult task. All you need is a registered email id. You have to answer some questions, upload a photo from your computer or connect it with your Facebook account and your profile will be ready at CatholicMatch online. While answering the questions, you will find a lot of them pretty interesting. Yes, it will relate a lot to your catholic beliefs and values. Also, once you create a profile, you will also get topics on discussion forums, panels, and polls that will connect you with a huge number of individuals. The topics vary a lot. It can be on your favorite movies, songs, religious beliefs or anything. While creating a profile, keep a profile picture that depicts who you are in real life. You can upload up to 50 profile pictures. Once the profile at CatholicMatch is completed, you shall be redirected to the dashboard. Here you can find a lot of details that include birthdays, newest members, forum posts, blogs and more. In general, the tendency of people is to click on profiles that have a complete description of it. Also, you can search common interests and attributes; include your personal information, criteria, faiths, and beliefs to match with other members.

Contacting the members

Now, this is something that standard members might not really like. Standard members can sign-up easily but they cannot contact others. If you are not a premium member of CatholicMatch online, you will not be able to send or receive messages from other members. Now, here is a catch. If you are not a premium member, you will be able to receive messages, but you cannot read the complete message. Again, the catch is, you can read the message after ten days. So it doesn’t really help. The free users will be able to send emotigram, but they cannot send tailored messages or notes along with the emotigram to the person they like. Thus, there is no proper communication if you are not using a premium account. Now, this will not help in creating a connection or a productive communication that leads to a relationship. If you are extremely lucky, then you might get in touch with an ever-patient member of CatholicMatch online. A good thing among this is, the members of this website will be able to create 20 multiple-choice questions if they want to get to know the person better with whom they are interacting. You can answer all these twenty questions on their profiles.

How to create a profile at this online website

About the overall platform for dating

In the following section of the CatholicMatch review, we are going to have a detailed look into the overall platform.

Detailing the desktop version

Once you open CatholicMatch, you shall find anything and everything well organized. There is a top menu button that offers all the essential elements of the website once you sign up. Once you sign up, you shall also see any notifications that you have received. There is a numeric digit next to the menu item that says how many messages you have received, the number of views or any matches. It is pretty easy to notice whether you have received anything new. From the desktop menu section of CatholicMatch online, you can check out the members, the first name, something about them (if they have written an intro), their location, their faith details and more. You can have a look at the temperament results as well. If you are a standard user then you can send an emotigram and if you are a premium user then you can say a custom message along with emotigram. Also, the good thing about the online platform is the website is optimized for web view and mobile view as well.

About the mobile application of the online dating site

Now there is sad news for people in this section of the CatholicMatch review. This online platform doesn’t have a CatholicMatch mobile application as of yet. Yes, it is true that this is going to upset a lot of users. In this era of smartphones, almost every online platform has a mobile application optimized for enhancing user accessibility and ease of use. Unfortunately, this is not the case with CatholicMatch online. You have to log into the website through your smartphone. The good thing is the website is optimized. Thus, it will not be difficult to access all the features of this website even if there is no app.

Rating the user-interface and design

Speaking of the design and user-interface, CatholicMatch has got quite a user-friendly design. Surfing through the website is not difficult even if you are visiting the platform for the first time. With an easy and seamless user-interface, you will be able to know anything and everything you want from the beginning. Registration is free and easy. Searching through CatholicMatch is not at all difficult. You shall be able to find all the features right in front of you. The website design is quite modern. There is no junk in the home page and is designed in a well-organized way. You won’t have to go through the hassle of looking through a lot of tabs to find the feature you are looking for.

As it is already mentioned above that navigating through CatholicMatch is extremely easy. You won’t have to try hard to find the features. All the functions are easy to access from all the pages. The best part is there are no unnecessary ads that interrupt while you are surfing through the website. Whether it is from a mobile device or a desktop, you can have a seamless experience. Overall, browsing and surfing through CatholicMatch online is a flawless and smooth experience.

Rating the user-interface and design

The complete price details of this online platform

CatholicMatch mobile has three different forms of prices. If you are planning for the paid membership, you can opt for the one-month package. The one-month package will cost $29.95. Then there is a three-month package. The three-month package will cost you $19.95 per month. Finally, there is a six-month package. The six-month package at Catholicmatch costs $12.49 per month. There are numerous payment options. You can pay by all debit or credit cards from VISA, American Express, and MasterCard. If you don’t choose to cancel the membership after one month, it will continue to renew. You can choose to cancel it anytime you want by simply clicking on the “Account” and cancel membership. Once you cancel the membership, there is no refund. The membership package of CatholicMatch hookup includes a lot more than the standard free user account. In the following section of this CatholicMatch review, we shall share a detailed comparison of the free account vs. paid account.

Comparing the paid account vs. the free account

If you opt for a free account at Catholicmatch then you are going to have the following benefits.

  • You will be able to search for individuals depending on your interests and preferences.
  • With a free account at CatholicMatch, you can like 3 profiles daily and send them emotigrams (but not any custom texts).
  • Read the blog posts and participate in forums while looking for potential matches.
  • You can check out who viewed your profile.
  • You can read the messages but only after 10 days. Before that, if someone texts you in CatholicMatch hookup, it will remain blurred.

On the other hand, if you go for a premium account, then you can access a plethora of features. These features include:

  • Viewing and sending likes to as many profiles as you want (basically unlimited!).
  • Read all the messages immediately and send emotigram with customized text messages to the person you like, also.
  • Total access to the chat rooms of the community and avail of private chat features.
  • You avail discounted rates per month if you go for the 3-month or 6-month subscription plan.
  • You can see who checked out and liked your profile at CatholicMatch hookup and you can snooze your profile from searches for 6 months.
  • There are notifications if an individual reads your message and also you shall have priority customer support.

So you will have everything that a free user has and also much more.

The complete price details of this online platform

Payment options that you can avail

If you have created a free profile at CatholicMatch, there is no payment involved. You will have access to limited features. On the other hand, if you want to create a premium account, then you can make payment through all the debit and credit cards through VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Considering the refund, you can only ask for one if you have created a premium account and not used any features of it. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want at CatholicMatch hookup. Once you have found out your preferred partner, you can unsubscribe. It is pretty simple. Visit the “account” section and click on “cancel membership”. If you don’t want to cancel, then too, no need to worry about it. The premium membership has auto-renewal feature. The payment subscriptions of CatholicMatch are verified by BBB and GoDaddy.

The overall payment process

When it comes to the overall payment process of CatholicMatch, the details have already been mentioned in the above sections. There is a free membership process and a premium membership process. The premium members or paid members will avail more features than the standard ones. The long-term members will avail add-ons and perks like CatholicMatch Guarantee at CatholicMatch. The payment system and the overall price might vary a little bit depending on the locations, or the time of purchase or the access points (which means the devices used to access the website, whether it is from desktop or mobile or a tablet). You can have a look at the website to ensure the recent pricing.

Ensuring your safety is our priority

This is one of the most important benefits of choosing the CatholicMatch hookup. It is already mentioned in our CatholicMatch review that the whole payment process is secured by BB and GoDaddy. The next thing is, instead of random usernames, the website offers a proper username for every member with their real names and the rank of the member. Thus, you will now that the individual you are talking to is a real person. Also, you will not know the surnames of the members if you don’t chat with them in private. If you don’t want to continue a conversation with someone, you can block them. You will have complete control over who is seeing your private pictures, but you cannot control who is viewing your public profile.

Whether the mobile option is a scam or not?

No there is no scam at CatholicMatch hookup. As it has been already mentioned that there were a few fake profiles in this website but they were put down within a very short time. So you can rest assured that your profile is completely safe and secured. CatholicMatch is a very much legitimate website and it is presently one of the most preferred online catholic-only dating platforms. The security system is thorough. It scans all the profiles for any suspicious activity.

Mentioning the unique features at this online dating

Mentioning the unique features at this online dating

CatholicMatch comprises three unique features. They are temperamental quiz, interview questions, and emotigrams. From the temperamental quiz, you shall get to know the personality types of your person of interest. They can be sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic. Next are the interview questions that work as icebreakers before starting a conversation with your desired member. Create 20 questions and ask them to answer them. This is a great way to know a lot about someone. The emotigram feature is another unique element created by CatholicMatch. Continuous text conversations can become mundane. To keep things interesting you can opt for cute emotigrams where you can use different words, create customized notes, emojis and more.


In the end, it can be said that CatholicMatch is capable of living up to the expectations and delivers its value for money. The profiles are safe, the members are genuine, it has optimally designed websites for CatholicMatch mobile, tablets, and desktop, and the charges are not too extreme as well. There is nothing more you can ask. Yes, there is a scope to improve communication among the free users. But as it is said, if you can be a premium member, this profile will get you the partner of your preference. There is an active support community that creates it a safe place to explore and express yourself.

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