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Fitness Singles Review 2023

Fitness Singles Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Different fitness interests are addressed
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Pleasant design
  • Free registration
  • Free profile browsing
  • Few features are available
  • Expensive membership
  • No mobile version

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What Is Fitness Singles?

Fitness Singles is a dating platform that aims at uniting all single people who live actively. As Fitness Singles review evidence, for some people, sports take an essential part of their life. And, naturally, such people would like their partners to share the same views. What is unique about Fitness Singles is that, as is clear from its name, due to the platform, you can find a person to do various activities together. This means that you can find someone with whom you will be able to engage in jogging, running, playing badminton, etc. This way, you will have the possibility to meet your true love who will share not only your life views but also much of your time doing sports. This Fitness Singles review will explore the main features of the platform, its advantages and disadvantages, prices, security system, etc.

Due to simple matching options, many people have already found their best halves on Fitness Singles. The platform is now considered the largest space where singles with interest in physical activity can meet. So, if you love moving a lot, engage in different sports like tennis, football, swimming, or even horseriding, this is a perfect place for you! You may be sure to meet a healthy and slim person with common interests in sports. However, there are not only skinny girls and guys but also men and women in their late 50’s and 60’s who seek ideal partners on Fitness Singles. You can meet an individual of your age, someone who is older than you, or someone younger. Fitness Singles’ slogan is “Where relationships workout,” which completely proves itself. This is the website where you judge not by age but by common views and hobbies.

What Is Fitness Singles

Is Fitness Singles Legit Or Scam?

Fitness Singles belongs to e-unity Corp., which has been in business for over 20 years. All these years they have been doing their best to help people around the world to find their partners and build strong relationships. There are not many complaints about the service of Fitness Singles, and the ones that can be encountered on the Internet all have the status of resolved issues. If you have any problem, you can contact the support team and ask them for help and assistance. They will put their effort to make your experience on the platform as great as possible. In case if you have a paid membership and your problem cannot be solved to the satisfaction of all parties, the company will offer you a refund. However, these are rare cases as the company usually manages to help you with any kind of issue. This means that the platform can surely be trusted and is not considered as a scam. Thus, Fitness Singles review can conclude that the website is legit.

What Are The Members On This Site?

Fitness Singles is mainly targeted on people from the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. Despite being a very theme-specific dating platform, Fitness Singles has lots of members. For example, over 2 million people on the platform are comprised of Americans. Regarding member activity, about 40,000 users are active weekly. Gender proportion is approximately equal. The statistics show that there are 58 percent of male and 42 percent of female users, which is quite fair distribution.

The people you can meet here will be mostly fit and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. They can seek not only life-time partners but also personal trainers, sports buddies, or motivators. However, some individuals who just want to start doing sports can be met. They may seek support on Fitness Singles and you may become the one who will guide and help your beloved one to reach their goal! Thus, people here are mostly sports enthusiasts.

Registering at Fitness Singles may become a real change to one’s life! Here you may find a date who will open a whole new world to you. If you have been playing tennis for the last 15 years, it may be difficult to imagine that swimming is as great and useful. However, the website users belong to different sports categories, and you make like an individual who is in for swimming. By communicating and talking about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of sport, it may happen that you will engage in swimming as well, and your partner will start playing tennis. Thus, you both will profit due to engagement in two sports together. Or, it may appear that you will find a common language regardless of the types you are into as, first of all, personality is more important than sport.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation

Fitness Singles is tolerant of homosexuality, and when registering or setting a search query, you can state your gender preferences either as heterosexual or homosexual. If you are a man wanting to find a fit boyfriend to spend quality time and build a serious relationship, the platform will be a safe space for you to seek your goals. The same situation is with women. However, heterosexual relationships are also welcome here. Therefore, as the Fitness Singles review, you may be of any gender and you may like any gender, the platform will help you find your best match.

Age Distribution

You have to be at least 18 years to be able to sign up, so the age distribution starts from this number. On Fitness Singles, the male-female ratio is mostly 50-50 in all age groups. As such, there are 8% of men and 6% of women aged between 18 and 24. About 9% and 13% of users are women and men respectively in the 25-34 age group. If you are interested in people between 25 and 44, you should know that the distribution proportion comprises 8% females and 11% males. The 45-54 age group has 7% of women and 10% of men. 12% of females and 16% of male representatives belong to the age group of people who are over 55. Moreover, the last group is the largest on Fitness Singles. It comprises about 1/3 of all members. The age group of 25-34 takes the second place. The smallest age group is the one between 18 and 24.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

As on most websites, the registration process on Fitness Singles dating platform is simple and takes only a few minutes. First, you will be asked to state your gender identity, and you can choose either man or woman. Next, it will be necessary to choose whom you are seeking, a person of your gender, or of the opposite sex. Then, you will be asked about the age range of your potential partner. You can choose any age from 18 to 120, which is funny and serves as a hint that a fitness lifestyle contributes to longer living. On Fitness Singles, your birth date will also be required. After this, you will need to click “Continue.”  The next step will ask you to state your country, which can be any of the list, your state or province, and city. The last step before joining will be the creation of your username (minimum four characters) and password (minimum six characters) and filling in the information about your email address (remains confidential). After all these stages you can finally explore Fitness Singles!  

Profile Creation

Once you finish your registration on Fitness Singles, you will be directed to your personal profile page that you will need to fill if you want to find your sporty love as soon as possible. First, you will need to provide information about your body type, weight, height, and your best feature. Next, you will be asked about your religious beliefs and such personal details as to whether you have children or not, and how many of them you have or want in the future. On Fitness Singles, you will also be required to state the languages you speak and some information about your lifestyle. Then, there will be more detailed questions about you and your life, and the headline will need to be provided. There will be fields where you can choose “rather not say” if you do not want to share some kind of information. As you can see, the process of profile creation reminds that of most dating websites. However, there is a minor difference that is connected with the theme of Fitness Singles. You will also be asked to fill in the blanks regarding your fitness activity. As such, you will need to choose up to three of your primary fitness activities and set your level in it, from beginner to proficient. You can add more information about the issue later. This way, people with common interests will find and contact you quicker.


Regarding ways of communication of Fitness Singles, there is not much different from other dating websites. You can send messages to any person you like, and there are no limits per hour, day, or month. Mass mailing is not available. You can also click “show interest” in an interesting profile to initiate communication. However, it is worth noting that messaging and “show interest” features on Fitness Singles are available only if you have a paid membership account.

Profile Creation

Platform for Use

Desktop Version

The desktop version of Fitness Singles is impressive in its combination of simplicity and functionality. The website offers clear separation into various important sections. There is a full description of all options, which makes it quite easy to explore what Fitness Singles offers. Overall, the interface is extremely user-friendly, and this contributes to the overall users’ activity.

App Version

Unfortunately, Fitness Singles’ mobile version is not available yet. The developers put all their efforts into the development of the website desktop version. However, this may be viewed as a great drawback of the platform. Many users find it more comfortable to visit dating platforms from their phones or tablets rather than from PCs. Therefore, as Fitness Singles review assumes, the platform may lose a great part of potential members. This may result in the poorer matching of pairs as less people will attend the website. Moreover, visitors’ activity is significantly reduced this way.

Design & Usability

Fitness Singles review can state for sure that the platform has one of the most engaging designs. Though the colors are calm and light rather than bright and cheerful, they create a pleasant atmosphere and make you feel cozy and like at home. The overall design of Fitness Singles that includes sections separations, text boxes, photos, buttons, etc. is made to make site navigation as easy and clear as possible. Thus, regardless of your age, it will be simple to seek a partner here. Your eyes will not get distracted by multiple bright colors or constant annoying pop-ups. You will have the possibility to fully concentrate on the search of your potential partner or communication with your future dates. All information is easy to read, and all buttons are easy to notice on Fitness Singles.

Fitness Singles shows no overwhelming or disturbing pictures, which makes the website very minimal. However, it does not influence the website’s functionality. Though there are no fun games and engaging gimmicks, you can efficiently browse the profiles and communicate with people via messages. There is such an interaction as “show interest,” which can help you to start a conversation with a person of your interest. You can also add people to your favorites.

Navigation Site

Costs & Prices

There are four periods for paid membership. You can pay monthly, every 3 months, every half a year, or every year. The cost of the 1-month premium subscription is 39.99 USD. The total cost of the 3-months membership is 65.97 USD, which is 21.99 USD per month. Six months of subscription cost 89.94 USD, while a year is priced at 119.88 USD in total, which makes 14.99 USD and 9.99 USD per month respectively. Thus, the 12 months subscription is considered the most beneficial. However, it might be better to purchase a 1-month trial access to see whether Fitness Singles is suitable for you before buying the 1-year plan.

There are significant differences between the free and paid membership. If you have a free account, you can set your preferences in the search form and view the profiles of potential dates and matches. Paid subscription members have access to private photo galleries of other users. They can also send and receive messages and show interest in people. As the Fitness Singles review shows, free access is extremely limited so if you want to find your love ASAP, it is better to consider purchasing a premium subscription.

Paid vs. Free Access

Hot to Pay

Your subscription will be renewing automatically once the previous subscription term ends. If you want to cancel access to premium options, you will need to send the cancellation request at least one day before the next renewal.

Payment Systems

There are several options that you can use to pay for your membership. You can pay via a credit card, direct debit, PayPal, or cheque. You may choose any of the variants that you are comfortable with and change the method at any time.

Safety & Security

Fitness Singles hookup platform promises to provide you with fun and secure experience in a safe space of the platform. Before finishing your registration, you will be asked to tick the box about having read the privacy policy form. By clicking it you agree that none of your data will be disclosed to any non-related parties. All your personal information is securely safe, so you can be sure to have protected experience.


The developers of Fitness Singles care for your safe and fun exploration of the platform. Therefore, they offer a whole section called “Safety Tips for Online Dating” where they suggest some advice on how to behave to avoid scammers. 

  • You should start communicating only via email and observe the way your conversation develops. 
  • You need to be careful with any inconsistency in a person’s words. 
  • Never include your real name, real email or home address, information where you work, or any other personal data in messages you send to strange people.
  • Next, never rush the communication flow and let things happen at the right time. If you think that your online relationships are developing too fast, you should ask your partner to slow down. If they do not agree, there is a high possibility that it is a scam. 
  • Ask for additional photos to make sure you are communicating with a person whose photo is in the profile.
  • Only meet when you feel ready for this to make sure your online and offline dating experience is safe.
  • Fitness Singles also provides a list of warning signs with the help of which you may protect yourself from scammers.
Special Features

Special Features

Fitness Singles offers two special features to provide you with a deep and high-quality experience. Top25. There are two lists of male and female 25 most popular profiles that you can browse and interact with. These are people whose profiles are most viewed. You can challenge them and take top places as this increases your chances to find your better half. Show interest. If you click the “show interest” button on someone’s profile, you will be able to send a short message to a person. It is better to be creative to increase the probability that the person replies to you.


Fitness Singles online dating platform is a great and safe space for fitness-related people. If you live actively, care for your health, do or wish to do regular exercises, or go in for any kind of sport and wish to find your life, this is a perfect place for you. There is a serious drawback, namely, the absence of the app version, which results in a reduction of the amount of visitors. This, therefore, lowers your chances to find a date as modern people tend to use mobile applications for dating more than their desktop versions. However, Fitness Singles remains the biggest fitness-specific platform, and here you may be sure that a person you like will share your interests and views. 

Free access to Fitness Singles will not prove efficient, so if you wish to find someone to build strong relationships, you will need to purchase one of the premium subscriptions. This will give you the possibility to send and receive messages and provide access to personal galleries. The 1-year plan is the most beneficial and money-saving. Fitness Singles promises to keep your personal data safe and provides multiple pieces of advice to protect you from scammers. This shows the careful attitude of the developers towards their members, which is definitely a good sign.

As the Fitness Singles review shows, many people are visiting the platform weekly. Go and get fun!

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